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Capacitor Replacement for Husqvarna Viking Designer SE.

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Click Here if you are looking for the Etsy listing for the capacitor kit

A while back I made a video on my YouTube channel regarding the Husqvarna Viking Designer SE flashing light of death. This video has been somewhat successful, even though it is pretty poor quality. Here is a link:

Since I have had a few contacts regarding this video, I thought it would be good to do a follow up video. This follow up video goes through the part I omitted from the first video, the actual soldering repair. Here is a link to the new video:

Here is the latest video which incorporates answers to frequent questions. I go into much more detail on disassembly and reassembly.

Now the other part of this is about how I will help you complete this repair on your own. If you follow along with the videos, the first one will get the boards out of the machine. The second one will show you how to replace the capacitors.

Here is a picture of my poor handwriting of all the capacitors that you need to get in order to conduct the repair.

Keep in mind that where I wrote cm, it should be mm. Also, the closest capacitor I could buy for the 220uF 10V was a 220uF 16V. This works just fine since the rating is slightly higher. I ordered them through

Also, I made a (very crude) drawing showing the location of all the capacitors with polarity. DON'T FORGET THE POLARITY! Also, don't trust me, verify your board independently.

Lastly, I would like to offer a capacitor kit. If you don't want to get the capacitors on your own, I have made a few packages with all the capacitors you need to fix your machine. I'll put a link here to the Etsy listing when it is live.

Thanks for reading and watching my videos. I'd love to hear from you! Comment on a video, or contact me through the website.

Also, here are a few affiliate links for the tools I use in the video. If you buy from these links, i get small portion of the sale at no cost to you. This helps me to continue to provide high quality content to you.

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Vincent Cricchio
Vincent Cricchio


Bill Becker
Bill Becker

Hello..we'll everything wad going well until I removed the last capacitor on the power supply board..#2200. When I lifted the capacitor the very thin wire connecting the positive side lifted going to the 0PT1 block and broke. What can I do now?


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Annie Simard
Annie Simard

Hi. I look your you tube videos while I sew at home. I watch them all because it is inspiring to me. I want to start cleaning and oiling sewing machines for a start. But I also have a husqvarna viking diamond that sleeps at home because I can't buy a new motherboard. Would that capacitor kit work for me?

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